Making people’s lives better by powering a more prosperous world
Advanced technology and products are the foundation for DCEC’s sustainable development. DCEC will create value and build a better life with all the stakeholders.
  • Our Mission
    Our Mission
    Making people’s lives better by powering a more prosperous world
  •  Our Vision
    Our Vision
    Become the most reliable company for our customers, and lead China's engine industry.
  • Core Values
    Core Values
    Positivity, innovation, collaboration, integrity, progress, incentive
  • Strategic Aim
    Achieving sustainable growth beyond industry levels in the mainstream market
  • Safety Concept
    Build a better life, starting with safety.
  • Brand Commitment
    Help our customers succeed with the spirit of continuous innovation and a life-time reliable quality.
  • Customers
    CSE excellent customer support
  • Solicit golden ideas
    Solicit golden ideas
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  • Lecturing on diversity
    Lecturing on diversity
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  • Employee development
    Employee development
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  • Singles Soiree
    Singles Soiree
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Core Values  As the most important standards for business operations and employee behaviors, values is the fundamental guarantee for a company to fulfill its mission and vision.

Positivity  Love one’s work, and make proactive and advanced planning and deliver in time.


When facing a problems, do not shirk or complain, but make efforts to solve it.

Dedicated to one’s work, and willing to do additional work.

Proactively setting your short-term goals and long-term plans, and making effective summaries.

Acting immediately when receiving a task, and able to anticipate problems and provide early warning.

Innovation   Daring to explore, constantly surpassing oneself and getting better and faster through learning.


Daring to lead the change, improve quality and efficiency, and make complex simple.

Willing to accept new things and not against the change.

Encouraging innovation and creating a tolerant environment for innovation.

Objecting to the separation from reality and aimless innovation.

Collaboration   Achieving synergies through teamwork, willing to raise opinions and suggestions, and fulfilling your value and others’.


Establishing a big picture vision: value the company's interests more than the department's interests and individual interests.

Active collaboration and complementation between departments and positions, willing to applaud for the success of others.

Respecting the different opinions of colleagues from different cultures and backgrounds, seeking common ground while reserving differences.

Avoiding shirking and implementing each work after a meeting, and avoiding doing the work only when the leaders care for it much.

Integrity   Abiding by the code of business conduct, doing what you say you will do and doing what is right.


Abiding by business ethics, and the principle of integrity and self-discipline, establishing and maintaining a good corporate image.

Upright and integrity, loyal to one’s duty, and earning others’ trust.

Keeping the promise, and completing the tasks with high quality by the schedule plan.

Taking responsibility for your actions and consequences, with no excuses.

Progress   Having a competitive awareness, making continuous improvement, and measuring the effectiveness with the value created.


Always exceeding customer expectations and pursuing better products and services.

Measuring your own value and contribution through your work performance and supporting your team to achieve higher-level goals.

Advocating open learning and external exchange, constantly surpassing oneself and adapting to the fierce competition.

Setting a challenging goal for individual development and working hard.

Incentive   Respecting the performance of others and providing timely, sincere, detailed and constructive feedback.  


Providing employees with a good working environment, growth opportunities and resources.

Utilizing the resources at work to recognize and show gratitude to others in time.

Helping others achieve higher performance through coaching, approval and incentive.

Belief in equality by personality type, respecting the employees and their labor, and valuing their opinions.