6LT8.9 Marine Engines
TypeInline 4 cylinders, water-cooled, four strokes
Bore×stroke (mm)114×144.5
Aspirationcharged, inter-cooled
Maximum power(Hp/kw)308/230
Rated speed(rpm)2300
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Product Advantages
  • Cummins develops and optimizes the integration of key components and provide customized secondary development for domestic customers, maintaining the reliability of original products while considering the specific characteristics of domestic customers.

  • Traditional hoses are replaced with the integrated oil-water pipeline to eliminate leakage hazards. The enhanced cooling and lubrication functions effectively extend engine service life.

  • The high pressure common rail (HPCR) system ensures rapid throttle response at different engine speeds, better power and fuel economy, and lower noise.

  • The exhaust gas bypass turbocharger enables smooth boost at low engine speed and consistent power output at high engine speed.

  • The rear-end power takeoff (REPTO) is adopted for enhanced remote unit control.

  • Good cold-start performance enables easy start-up in alpine areas. High fuel adaptability makes it suitable for a variety of applications around the world.

  • Three-stage fuel filter ensures balanced particle dispersion, and protects the main components of the fuel system and maximizes the engine life.

Product Portfolio

Rated power output


Peak torque


CylindersDisplacement (L)Aspiration
6LTAA8.9-GM200200@1500220@150068.9charged, inter-cooled
6LTAA8.9-GM215215@1800237@180068.9charged, inter-cooled
6LTAA8.9-M315230@2134253@220068.9charged, inter-cooled