QSC8.3Construction Machinery Engines
TypeInline 6 cylinders, water-cooled, four strokes, electronically-controlled high pressure injection
Bore×stroke (mm)114×135
Aspirationcharged, inter-cooled
Maximum power(Hp/kw)260/194
Maximum torque(N·m)1080
Control systemECM
Fuel systemBOSCH High pressure common rail system
Emission certificationNS III/EU Stage IIIA
Dry weight (Kg)674
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Product Advantages

• With advanced design and exquisite manufacturing process, the engine features high reliability and durability, adaptable to high-strength and heavy-duty operations under severe working conditions.

• High-pressure fuel pump enables complete combustion under high injection pressure, featuring low energy loss, strong power, high fuel adaptability and lower emissions.

• Holset supercharger with integral wastegate offers low-speed response and dynamic performance.

• With integral cylinder design, engine parts are about 25% less than similar products, featuring lower failure rate and easier maintenance.

• The cylinder liner adopts plateau honing cross hatch and corrosion-resistant high nickel cast iron piston, which significantly reduces engine oil loss and improves durability and service life.

• With advanced design, the power per liter is increased up to 23.4 kW / liter.

• The three-stage filter ensures balanced particle dispersion, protects main components of the fuel system and maximizes engine life.

• The electronic control system intelligently switches to operation modes according to the environment and operating conditions. It has self-diagnosis, alarm and remote monitoring functions.

• The mature intelligent electronic control technology improves the overall performance of the engine. The engine specifications can be customized according to application requirements.

Product Portfolio

Emission standard

Rated power output


Max. Torque


CylindersDisplacement (L)Aspiration
QSC8.3-C215-30NS III/EU StageIIIA160@2200980@135068.3charged, inter-cooled
QSC8.3-C220-30NS III/EU StageIIIA162@2200950@135068.3charged, inter-cooled
QSC8.3-C240-30NS III/EU StageIIIA179@22001040@135068.3charged, inter-cooled
QSC8.3-C260-30NS III/EU StageIIIA194@22001135@135068.3charged, inter-cooled
QSC8.3-C260-31NS III/EU StageIIIA194@24001080@150068.3charged, inter-cooled