170-220hp(125-162kW )
ISB5.9Truck Engines
TypeInline 4 cylinders, water-cooled, four strokes, electronically-controlled high pressure injection
Bore×stroke (mm)102×120
Aspirationcharged, inter-cooled
Maximum power(Hp/kw)220/162
Maximum torque(N·m)800
Control systemECM
Fuel systemDENSO High pressure common rail system
Emission certificationNS V
Dry weight (Kg)453
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Product Advantages

ISB series engines, with excellent performance and reliability, are developed based on the proven Cummins B series engine platform and upgraded to meet NS V, featuring excellent performance, high reliability and durability; New-generation DENSO high pressure common rail fuel system is adopted to achieve low fuel consumption, remarkable noise reduction, effective enhancement of engine power performance and economy, and sharp smoke reduction during operation; The engines are equipped with advanced electronic control system to realize digital intelligent management of various engine systems such as air intake, exhaust, fuel, brake and aftertreatment, and real time data sharing between engine and subsystem and that between engine and vehicle through high speed data link, reaching optimum balance among power, fuel consumption and emission control.

ISB series 5.9L full-authority electronic control engines, ranging from 170-220 horsepower, are widely used in the transportation vehicles for agricultural products and fresh and frozen products, dangerous chemicals, express vehicles, special cargo, engineering vehicles, etc. With outstanding performance, reliability and serviceability, ISB series have become very popular among customers of light and medium-duty trucks.

Low fuel consumption

DENSO high pressure common rail fuel system can reach up to 1800 bar of injection pressure, resulting in good fuel atomization, and complete in-cylinder combustion.

Excellent Power output

Max torque can be reached at 1200-1700rpm and it is increased by about 10%, which brings higher durability.

Low fault rate

Integrated design of cylinder block and water pump, oil pump shell, water inlet/outlet tube, thermostat seat, etc. reduces the amount of components by 20% compared with that of other engines, which reduces the probability of leaking, resulting in much lower failure rate and maintenance cost.

Higher operating income 

With light weight structural design, high pressure aluminum casting technology and high strength composite materials, the ISB engine weighs only 453Kg, which reduces 20% of weight compared to the engines of similar power, thus bigger payload capacity in the similar model of vehicles, and lower fuel consumption in vehicles of same load capacity.

Better environment adaptability

With up to 7 injection events, the fuel can be sprayed into the cylinder and mixed with air better. The better mixed inflammable mixture can improve cold starts performance effectively, even at -41 ℃ ultra cold temperature.

Excellent reliability

Inheriting the outstanding reliability from the B series engine, whose market population surpasses 7 million units, the NS V compatible engine features higher quality, modular design, and 20% less components compared to that of traditional engines, thus resulting in far lower fault rate.

Leading emission level

The third generation DENSO common rail fuel injection system reduces engine smoke up to 50-80%, and the selective catalytic reduction system (SCR) further lowers engine emission level.

Product Portfolio
Engine model



Rated power output


Peak torque


CylindersDisplacement (L)AspirationAfter treatment
ISB170 50NS  V125@2500560@1200-170065.9charged, inter-cooledSCR
ISB180 50NS  V132@2500700@1200-170065.9charged, inter-cooledSCR
ISB190 50NS  V140@2500720@1200-170065.9charged, inter-cooledSCR
ISB210 50NS  V155@2500750@1300-170065.9charged, inter-cooledSCR
ISB220 50NS  V162@2500800@1500-160065.9charged, inter-cooledSCR