292-400hp( 215-295kW )
ISL9.5Truck Engines
TypeInline 6 cylinders, water-cooled, four strokes, electronically-controlled high pressure injection
Bore×stroke (mm)116.5×148
Aspirationcharged, inter-cooled
Maximum power(Hp/kw)400/295
Maximum torque(N·m)1710
Control systemECM
Fuel systemHigh pressure common rail
Emission certificationNS V/Euro V
Dry weight (Kg)704
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Product Advantages

Cummins ISL series 8.9L and 9.5L full-authority electronic control engines, ranging from 290-400 Hp. Compared to engines with same displacement, these engines are lighter and only weighs 714 kg, with more compact structure and higher power.Featuring ultra high output per liter and low speed torque, ISL's power can be as good as heavy-duty engines with larger displacement.With stable and reliable performance, durability and supreme fuel economy, ISL can greatly increase carrying capacity and operation efficiency of vehicles, thus becoming an ideal power choice of heavy truck, truck tractor, etc.

Leading manufacturing technology 

Integrated design of cylinder block and oil circuit, forged crankshaft with high tension steel, highly durable pistons and liner with special surface treatment process all ensure the engine's reliability and durability.

Advanced electronic intelligence platform 

Electronic control module with ultra large capacity share information among high speed datalinks, to ensure that the engine maintains the best operating status, effective fuel savings and low emissions under various loads.

Effective fuel saving 

With higher injection pressure up to 1800 bar, High Pressure Common Rail Fuel System features  more precise control of injection timing and amount of fuel, further improving low-speed performance and cold start performance.

Excellent power output 

Fast startup, good acceleration and gradeability, superior torque output at low speed。

Economical usage 

Highly integrated engine subsystems can realize excellent power, ultra long service life, and long maintenance intervals.

Leading emission level  

The NS V version is developed on the same platform as EEV version, featuring high durability and reliability. It can be upgraded to meet Euro V/EEV standard by adjusting its urea injection amount and upgrading the aftertreatment system, complicated structural adjustment is not necessary.

Product Portfolio
Engine model



Rated power output


Peak torque


CylindersDisplacement (L)AspirationAfter treatment
ISL9.5-292E51ANS  V215@19001200@1100-170069.5charged, inter-cooledSCR
ISL9.5-315E51ANS  V232@19001250@1100-170069.5charged, inter-cooledSCR
ISL9.5-340E51ANS  V251@19001500@1100-150069.5charged, inter-cooledSCR
ISL9.5-360E51ANS  V268@19001600@1200-150069.5charged, inter-cooledSCR
ISL9.5-385E51ANS  V282@19001600@1200-160069.5charged, inter-cooledSCR
ISL9.5-400E51ANS  V295@19001710@1200-140069.5charged, inter-cooledSCR