ISZ13Truck Engines
TypeInline 6 cylinder, water-cooled, four strokes, electronically-controlled high pressure injection
Bore×stroke (mm)130×163
Aspirationcharged, inter-cooled
Maximum power(Hp/kw)560/412
Maximum torque(N·m)2500
Control systemECM
Fuel systemHigh pressure common rail
Emission certificationNSV/Euro V
Dry weight (Kg)1190
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Product Advantages

Cummins ISZ Series 13L electronic engines, ranging from 430 to 560 horsepower, features multiple latest Cummins technologies. ISZ Series are mainly used in long-haul heavy duty trucks. Sufficient 13L displacement and XPI ultrahigh pressure fuel injection system ensure the excellent power, meanwhile ultra long mileage road test and fatigue test of key component parts beyond industrial standards provide ISZ engines with outstanding reliability, and thus providing an ideal effective transportation power for linehaul heavy-duty trucks.


Excellent Power 

With sufficient 13L displacement, and design completely in accordance with Cummins standards, the ISZ series range from 430-560 horsepower, and 2000Nm-2500Nm. The engine features ultra strong power within the full rev range, and it can reach 80% of the peak torque at 900rpm, with easy gear-shifting at the start.


Excellent quality 

Key component parts withstand 10 million fatigue tests; Road tests of over 9 million km; all tests are carried out with the stringent reliability test standards for Cummins heavy-duty engines, i.e. 20% more oil, 20% overpressure, 150% overspeed.


Efficiency & Fuel Economy

The XPI ultrahigh pressure fuel injection system jointly developed by Cummins and Scania can reach injection pressure up to 2400 bar. The extremely small combustion particles and extremely fast injection speed make the combustion more efficient, which improves the power. With wide economy zone of fuel consumption, the economy zone of speed is even wider, and thus most of the time the engine runs with economic fuel consumption. Mounted with Cummins HOLSET high-efficiency supercharger, the four-valve air intake makes the combustion more complete and fuel-efficient. A variety of advanced fuel-saving technologies such as electronic fans and EP switches are used to ensure low fuel consumption.


Product Portfolio
Engine model



Rated power output


Peak torque


ClindersDisplacement (L)AspirationAfter treatment
ISZ430 51NS  V316@19002000@1000-1400613Supercharged intercoolingSCR
ISZ460 51NS  V338@19002330@1100-1300613Supercharged intercoolingSCR
ISZ480 51NS  V353@19002330@1100-1300613Supercharged intercoolingSCR
ISZ500 51NS  V368@19002460@1100-1300613Supercharged intercoolingSCR
ISZ520 51NS  V382@19002460@1100-1300613Supercharged intercoolingSCR