ISL9.5Bus Engines
TypeInline 6 cylinders, water-cooled, four strokes, electronically-controlled high pressure injection
Bore×stroke (mm)116.5×148
Aspirationcharged, inter-cooled
Maximum power(Hp/kw)400/295
Maximum torque(N·m)1700
Control systemECM
Fuel systemBOSCH High pressure common rail system
Emission certificationNS V/Euro V, Euro Ⅲ
Dry weight (Kg)704
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Product Advantages

Cummins ISL series 9.5L engines, ranging from 292 to 400 horsepower, uses Cummins XPI ultrahigh pressure fuel injection system, with variable injection timing, achieving the  best combustion state within all speed and load ranges and maximizing the reduction of fuel consumption.Due to thte advanced design, the engines are approximately 200 kg lighter than other products of same horsepower and owns higher transportation efficiency; therefore are widely used in 12 meter luxury tour buses etc.

Strong Power

The world's leading Cummins XPI ultrahigh pressure fuel injection system can reach maximum torque of up to 1710N.m, ensuring outstanding power output at full vehicle load and various operation conditions. With the function of big torque at low speed, even if running on rough or soft road surface with full load, the vehicle can easily and smoothly start, climb vigorously, with less gear-shifting and less fatigue. The large power and high speed engine enables good acceleration, fast overtaking in the plain area and express ways, which saves the time.

First choice for fuel economy

The world's leading Cummins XPI ultra-high pressure fuel injection system can reach injection pressure of 1800Bar, which greatly reduces the fuel consumption. The optimized electronic control calibration software enables good fuel economy under all common working conditions, thus improving the fuel economy coverage to 80%. With standard EP fuel-saving switch, through simple button switching, two modes can be switched at any time. In any working condition, the E gear can achieve less fuel consumption, and the P gear can boost power.

High reliability and durability

Inheriting the excellent reliability of Cummins engines, less components  greatly reduce engine failure. Considering the different oil quality in domestic market, a reinforced fuel filter protection system is used to remove the moisture, iron oxide, dust and other impurities before the fuel enters the fuel rail, thus reducing the clogging, rusting and wear of the injector, greatly reducing the failure of the fuel injection system and ensuring stable operation of the engine.

Product Portfolio
Engine model



Rated power output (kW@rpm)

Peak torque


CylindersDisplacement (L)AspirationAfter treatment
ISL9.5-292E51ANS V/EuroV215@19001200@1100-170069.5charged, inter-cooledSCR
ISL9.5-315E51ANS V/EuroV232@19001250@1100-170069.5charged, inter-cooledSCR
ISL9.5-340E51ANS V/EuroV251@19001500@1100-150069.5charged, inter-cooledSCR
ISL9.5-360E51ANS V/EuroV268@19001600@1200-150069.5charged, inter-cooledSCR
ISL9.5-385E51ANS V/EuroV282@19001600@1200-160069.5charged, inter-cooledSCR
ISL9.5-400E51ANS V/EuroV295@19001710@1200-140069.5charged, inter-cooledSCR