Expertise Service Helps Traveling Everywhere
With professional, integrity, timely and standardized services, DCEC provides customers with life-time care and support.
Timely service
• 24 hours on duty to handle the feedback from customers in time.
• All customers’ requests are handled and fed back in 8 hours.
• All maintenance services are implemented within 4 hours; and service parts are delivered in 24 hours in case of urgency (excluding engine assembly).
• When receiving requests for rescue, DCEC service staff will be sent out in 30 minutes and arrive at the customer’s site in 12 hours (except for remote areas).
• Major problems will be solved in 72 hours, and common problems in 8 hours. DCEC also provides a delay compensation of 50 Yuan/hour(50 Yuan at least).
Professional service
• Each service technician wears an ID badge, and their photographs are published on the board. Training certificates are provided for the customer to select.
• Inspection and maintenance is strictly complied with Cummins engines maintenance standard. Relevant procedure is published on the board.
• All engines are serviced in the engine repairing areas.
• Only qualified service tools are used.
Honest service
• Standardized warranty parts.
• Standardized service parts packing and marking.
• Standardized man-hour & labor rate for out of warranty services.
• Standardized new machine inspection and maintenance working process.
Standardized service
• Standardized signs, markings, tools in engine repairing areas among different service stations.
• Standardized the conduct of all staffs in service stations.
Timely service
Professional service
Honest service
Standardized service
User Guide
  • 01
    Quality assurance service principle
    Under the premise of proper use and maintenance of the engine, if any engine problem occurs due to defects in the material, design and manufacturing of the engine, DCEC will provide free or conditional free repair service in accordance with relevant laws and regulations during the product quality assurance period.
    DCEC will not provide quality assurance services for engine failure or damage caused by user’s abuse or negligence.
    During the quality assurance service process, DCEC approved genuine parts shall be used. For failures caused by use of parts not approved by DCEC, the company will no longer bear any quality assurance responsibility.
  • 02
    DCEC authorizes special service providers to implement the quality assurance services for the products sold by the company.
    DCEC does not bear any consequence and responsibility arising from the engine quality assurance service served by any company or person that is not authorized by the company.
  • 03
    《The Dongfeng Cummins Engine Operation and Maintenance Manual》and 《the Quality Assurance Manual》 have clearly defined the responsibility for engine quality assurance between DCEC and the engine owner.
    The company's commitment is to repair the engine, i.e., repair the engine’s defects and faults during the quality assurance period, and replace the damaged parts when it can not be repaired.
    After purchasing the vehicle (machine), the customer shall go to the nearest service provider for new machine inspection when the mileage of the whole vehicle reaches 1500-2500 kilometers. Non-vehicle customer shall require the nearest service provider to perform on-site inspection for the new machine when the equipment run for 30-50 hours, so as to gain the right for quality assurance service.
    The company only bears the direct cost incurred in troubleshooting, such as the cost for spare parts and labor, and does not bear the related indirect losses, such as losses from work stoppage, goods loss, insurance premiums, fines, operating profits and other losses.
    The company will not assume any responsibility for engine life problem due to change of the structure of the engine or the vehicle (or equipment) by the customer.
    If any engine failure occurs during the quality assurance period, the customer shall submit a service request to the nearest DCEC service provider. If the service provider identifies that it is a product quality problem, the service provider will provide services according to the quality assurance regulations. If the customer continues to drive the vehicle when the engine failure occurs and causes further engine damage, then the customer shall bear the Consequences.